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iPhone 5 Coming To India Around Diwali?

As per unconfirmed sources, Apple, is keen this time to launch its new iPhone 5 in India as early as possible. It appears that Apple has started taking India market seriously and also mulling to open few exclusive stores if it gets necessary approvals from Indian Government.

The reason for bringing iPhone 5 to India is that festival season is starting in India few days from now and this would be ideal time for Apple to introduce their iPhone 5 during this time to get advantage of holidays buying. Moreover, many corporates would select this newly launched device for gifting purposes during Diwali.

Keeping in view of upcoming launch of iPhone 5 in few weeks from now, Apple India has slashed the prices of its iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 models. The iPhone 4S 16 GB model is now available for Rs 41,400, a reduction of Rs 3,100 from its earlier price of Rs 44,500.The company has also slashed the price of the iPhone 4 (8 GB) by Rs 9,600. The phone, which was earlier available for Rs 37,900 is now available for Rs 28,300.

Another good news for Apple enthusiasts is that Rupee is trading today at five month high of approx Rs. 52/- against US Dollars and this will be crucial element to fix the price of iPhone 5. As per our estimate, the price of iPhone speculated earlier by many blogs and tech writers will be reduced by approx.  Rs.1500 to Rs. 2500, if INR continues to get gain against US Dollar. In other words, the starting price of iPhone 5 should be around Rs. 43,000 as per today’s rate of exchange.

India is a very price sensitive market and of late Samsung has priced its new smartphones be it Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II below Rs. 40,000. Apple can’t afford to keep its prices too high as they will have to face tough competition from Samsung’s Galaxy range in India, which is very popular here. Moreover, Nokia’s flagship Lumia 920 is also round the corner and expected to be launched in India in November. This colorful device on Windows 8 platform will also pose serious problems to iPhone 5. Besides, other Android leaders like HTC, LG and Sony have recently announced their new smartphones in India, which are getting rave reviews. Apple will have to factor in all these developments before arriving at convincing prices.


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