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How To Re-enable Regedit, Cmd, Task Manager, System Restore

Sometimes due to malwares, tojans, worms and virus intrusions our registry editor, command prompt, task manager and our system restore utilities are disabled. These are blocked by the intruding program so that detection of their presence and their removal becomes difficult. But a simple program can re-activate these things without messing up the scripts and third party registries.

Re-Enable Portable is a very handy tool since with one click it re-enables all the disabled utilities so that you can experience completely flawless computing once again. And with the re-activation of these prime utilities your antivirus can easily identify and the security threats. The program includes .net dependencies making it fully portable and easy to use.


If you are suffering from one of these problems you should give this decent software a must try. Please share your experiences about the software with us. Here is the download link to the software.


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