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Nokia’s Ad Derides iPhone 5 For Its Lack Of Colour Options

After Samsung, which has been running commercials making fun of  Apple devotees waiting in line for the iPhone 5, Nokia has joined the party and released an ad poking fun at the boring colors of Apple’s newly released iPhone 5 , before launch of its colorful Lumia 920 & 820 on Windows 8 platform.

Nokia has already posted the animated ad “Time to Switch” on  You Tube. The ad opens with a scene of identical people waiting in line to enter an Apple store to  buy an iPhone 5 in a dark and boring world as gloomy music plays. They hand over their cash and receive a smartphone with a large number “5” showing on the screen. But all hell breaks loose when one customer asks the store clerk for color, with the employee looking like he’s about to smash up his own store and attack everyone inside it.

This request for colorful device sparks alarm and panic, and the unique consumer is outcast by the rest of the people waiting in line. Fortunately for this customer who wants colorful smartphone, just a few moments later colorful individuals walk by as upbeat music starts to play. The camera zooms out to show the world filling up with different colors and then reveal a yellow Lumia 920 and the words, “This is Lumia.”

Nokia has unveiled the Lumia 920 and it’s lower-end counterpart, the Lumia 820, last month. The phone has received favorable reviews and will be available in five colors, but Nokia has not announced a release date or prices. The iPhone 5 is available in black or white.

This is the first time that Nokia has shown aggression in promoting its smartphones. This element of marketing strategy was missing in Nokia in its earlier launches. Nokia is going through very difficult phase and it is do or die situation for this Finnish company. Their new devices Lumia 920 and 820 must sell in good numbers to tide them through this difficult phase. Nokia is  in slog overs in cricket terminology and they  must try to hit every ball ( exploit every method to sell their new phones ) to score maximum runs without fearing the consequences. Nokia has nothing to loose at this stage. They have good hardware and specifications for their upcoming Lumia 920 and only courage they require is to amass more aggression in launching this beautiful device.

We expect to see more colorful and creative ads from Nokia in the coming days!


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