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iPhone Theft Is Growing Problem In US & Delhi Is Not Safe To Walk If Wearing Gold Or Carrying Cash

Whether you are in Newyork or New Delhi, it has become extremely difficult to walk on the streets safe and sound if you are carrying any valuable gadget or wearing precious jewellery.

As per report published in Daily News – nearly half the 16,000 robberies in New York in the first 10 months of 2011 involved technological devices, and that iPhones account for over 70% of all stolen cellphones on subways and buses.”Walking around with a cellphone is like walking around with a $500 bill,” and  “Kids are stealing them and flipping them immediately”, as per police department.

In the age of downloadable subways,street maps and constant texting ,it is hard to imagine how one would survive in New York without constant smartphone use, but police are suggesting that New Yorkers and those who visit the city do their best to keep their phones tucked away in their pockets as much as possible. The police are also going after the people who are stealing the phones and those who are knowingly buying stolen phones.

Only saving grace in the story is that NYPD (New York Police Department) is taking strict action against the thieves and buyers of stolen devices. But here in Delhi, if you are robbed on the street, no body will listen to you seriously. Last week, I had a miraculous escape while walking on the street in North Delhi. We were coming out of a hospital building and walking to get to our car parked few yards away from the hospital building when all of  a sudden two boys on a mobike came from behind and tried to snatch the purse of my wife. She showed courage and clutched the purse so strongly that they could not snatch it. Had it been gone, we would have been poorer by few thousand rupees.

We brought this attempt of robbery to the notice of nearby beat office of Delhi police and we were told that thank God, you are safe and just noted our address and matter finished there. Can we or any other person who is robbed can expect some action from Delhi Police. Sorry patrons- answer is Big NO. So, guys- remain vigilant, do not flaunt your expensive gadget when walking or driving alone, do not carry much cash and do not wear gold chain as it is the easiest target.

Remain safe in this holiday season. Cheers!


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