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Johnson Lifts Introduces WATCH, an IoT-Based Wireless Software that Senses, Monitors & Send Alerts For Troubleshooting

Johnson Lifts, India’s largest manufacturer of lifts and escalators, have introduces an IoT-based wireless software device that senses, monitors, and alerts and have termed it as WATCH. This “WATCH” (Wireless Assessment to Troubleshoot Channelize & Host) is wireless software that connects your lifts to the data center through the IoT device in the lift. This new technology will enable real-time monitoring of lifts, sense and alert a team of skilled technicians to provide immediate assistance to customers and also maintain a trouble-free performance of lift thereby improving its reliability.

A vast amount of essential data is collected through the sensors installed in all the vital components of the lift. The behavior and condition of the lifts are continuously monitored and effectively measured thereby improving equipment performance and predicting possible defects and breakdowns.

The Johnson Lifts installed WATCH system ensures the transition to modern digital lifts ensuring seamless vertical transportation for customers. The major benefit of this technology is to analyze predictively the wear and tear of crucial components for timely replacement thereby improving the lift performance, also breakdown, Passenger Trap real-time alerts are sent to the Johnson Lifts’ service technician to immediately attend and analyze and ensure quick response.

Speaking at the launch of WATCH, Albert Dhiraviyam, Country Head- Marketing of Johnson Lifts said, “We at Johnson Lifts are happy to introduce the WATCH feature using IoT, which monitors the lifts’ behavior and condition and continues to improve the performance of lifts and predict possible defects. Our commitment to using advanced technology increases the reliability and safety of our customers. The experiences and analysis developed will naturally be applied to other JOHNSON lifts that are connected using IoT. This IoT-based service is here to stay and is the digital evolution of modern lifts of the future.”

In efficient troubleshooting, the data are transmitted to the server via the internet and the same will be displayed in the dashboard. All the data are stored in the server with time stamps so that the data history can be used for referral purposes in the future. The IoT ecosystem consists of web-enabled smart devices that use embedded systems like sensors or communication hardware to collect, send, or act on any data that they acquire from the environment. The devices do most of the work without any human intervention, although people can interact with the devices to give instructions or access the data.


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