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Jolla Of Finland Unveils First Smartphone On Sailfish OS Platform

Device start-up Jolla based in Finland,formed by former Nokia employees,has unveiled its first smartphone that runs on the Sailfish OS which has been developed in-house by the company. The company has not revealed the exact name of its smartphone but used the term “The Other Half,” which alludes phone’s removable back that comes in different colours, and changing the cover also changes the phone’s UI, colour and design.


According to the company’s website, “colours, fonts, tones, profiles, functionalities – all will adapt just as you wish by simply uniting the halves”.

Only a handful of specifications were made available on the website of the company. The device will have a 4.5-inch display, dual core processor, 16GB of onboard storage and microSD slot. 4G connectivity, 8 megapixel camera, and user-replaceable battery. It is powered by Jolla’s “gesture-based” Sailfish platform, and is said to offer support for Android apps.

Another highlight of the Jolla is that it is Android apps compatible, which means that users will be able to run their favourite Android apps in addition Sailfish apps on their Jolla phone.

Jolla is kicking off a pre-order campaign today, with the company offering a “limited edition” version for early supporters. “Show that there is a market for Jolla by participating in our pre-order campaign,” Marc Dillion, EVP of research and development, and co-founder, said. This way, the company want to test the waters before launching this device.

Jolla is also being positioned as a button-less phone and instead users gestures to navigate. Jolla expects to ship the first phones by the end of 2013 in Europe and is priced at Euro 399 excluding taxes.


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