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Just Mobile Gum++ Portable Charger Review – Performing External Battery Qualified By Slick Design

Just Mobile’s most recent release includes the Gum++, a 6000 mAh portable backup battery sporting a ABS plastic shell instead of previously used aluminum casing. Courtesy Just Mobile, I was assigned a sample unit for review and as always, I had the chance to conduct my own set of tests to determine whether Just Mobile Gum++ really serves the purpose of a worthy external battery backup.

I’ll begin with a short description of Gum++ since the design is one of the things I really enjoyed. The Gum++ is one of the most “beautiful” portable chargers I have seen. The outer casing is made of strong ABS plastic shell (not the usual plastic – Read Wiki) with ridges upfront which looks great and provides the necessary strength. Plus the LED’s located at the front displaying the remaining battery life are subtle and look really sharp. Slick design. It also comes in a number of colors viz. white, silver, black and golden (available in selected regions). The golden variation looks the best but unfortunately I couldn’t get one and had to settle for a silver one for this review.


Moving on along with the Gum++ external battery unit you also get a short micro USB to USB cable you’d require to charge the main unit coupled with some manuals. Though the USB cable is supplied as a charging cable but you can always use it the other way around and charge your own device as well!


Using Gum++ to charge your device is pretty easy. All you have to do is plug in your device’s USB charging cable to the provided USB slot at one side of Gum++ and press the sole button sitting at the top. Once you press the button the charging will begin and LEDs will constantly remain lit displaying the remaining battery life left in the Gum++ until you turn it off (or the charging completes).

Charging the unit is equally easy, just plug in the micro USB end of cable to the 2.5 Amp port provided at the other side and connect other end to either wall socket (you’ll require a connector) or to USB port. Like all the portable chargers the notification battery indicators blink until the battery is fully charged (upon full charge the LEDs remain constant).


Talking about the performance, I tested Gum++ with couple of devices including Apple iPad (3rd generation) and Samsung Galaxy S 5. Gum++ was able to charge Galaxy S 5 fully once and approximately 80% the next time which calculates to about 5000 mAh or 84% external battery efficiency. Apple iPad on the other hand got a 45% charge from Gum++ (total is 11560 mAh) which amounts to roughly 86% external battery efficiency. These aren’t the most impressive results but they are way better than what majority of portable battery backup solutions deliver.


This being said, what makes Gum++ a worthy portable backup battery is the fact that it is capable of charging a device at a quicker pace. This is possible because of the presence of a 2.5 A USB output port. If you have ever used an external battery backup you’ll straightaway notice the difference. Moreover the Gum++ also features a 2.5 A micro USB input port allowing the unit itself to charge itself at a faster pace as well! So that’s a double time saver!

Another important feature of Gum++ is that it automatically shuts off once the connected device is fully charged. This essentially saves your devices from any particular damage related to overcharging.

To sum up, Just Mobile’s Gum++ is one of the finest portable battery backup I have used. There isn’t anything potentially bad to say about it. It does what it is supposed to do without any hiccups. The high strength external casing, subtle LEDs at the front, nearly 86% output efficiency, fast charging and pocketable overall design, all combine into a perfect external battery backup solution.

Just Mobile Gum++ (double plus) is available for $69.95 and can be purchased directly from their online store – Gum++ Product Link

Gum++ Unboxing Video


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