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Keyboard Shortcuts – Windows Hotkeys

According to wikipedia,

In computing, a keyboard shortcut or hotkey is a finite set of one or more keys that invoke asoftware or operating system operation when triggered by the user. Keyboard shortcuts are typically an alternate means for invoking one or more commands that would otherwise be accessible only through a menu, a pointing device, different levels of a user interface, or via a command console. Keyboard shortcuts generally expedite common operations by reducing input sequences to a few keystrokes, hence the term “shortcut”.

In this post i am going to share some useful shortcuts ( Hotkeys specifically). They will certainly increase your productivity at work.

Shift + F10


Win + L (XP Only)

Locks keyboard. Similar to Lock Workstation.

Win + F or F3

— Open Find dialog. (All Files) F3 may not work in some applications which use F3 for their own find dialogs.

Win + Control + F

Open Find dialog.

Win + U

Open Utility Manager.

Win + F1

Open Windows help.

Win + Pause

Open System Properties dialog.


Win + Tab

Cycle through taskbar buttons. Enter clicks, AppsKey or Shift + F10 right-clicks.

Win + Shift + Tab

Cycle through taskbar buttons in reverse.

Alt + Tab

Display CoolSwitch. More commonly known as the AltTab dialog.

Alt + Shift + Tab

Display CoolSwitch, go in reverse.

Alt + Escape

Send active window to the bottom of the z-order.

Alt + Shift + Escape

Activate the window at the bottom of the z-order.

Alt + F4

Close active window, or, if all windows are closed, open shutdown dialog.

Shift while a CD is loading

Bypass AutoPlay.

Shift while login

Bypass startup folder. Only those applications will be ignored which are in the startup folder, not those started from the registry (Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\)

Ctrl + Alt + Delete or Ctrl + Alt + NumpadDel (Both NumLock states)

Invoke the Task Manager or NT Security dialog.

Ctrl + Shift + Escape (2000/XP ) or Ctrl + Alt + NumpadDot

— Invoke the task manager. On earlier OSes, acts like Ctrl + Escape.


Copy screenshot of current screen to clipboard.

Alt + Printscreen

Copy screenshot of current active window to clipboard.

Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow

Invert screen. Untested on OSes other than XP.

Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow

Undo inversion.

Win + B

— Move focus to systray icons.

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