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Kill Unresponsive Programs Without Using Task Manager

As a regular user of Windows, unresponsive programs is a routine for me. Windows, as you know, is generally not known for its stability. Though Windows 7 is less prone to getting “Not Responding” errors, however chances are there will be such an error once in a while. The reason for getting may vary from less RAM, Viruses to poorly designed applications.
So, lets assume that while working with Internet Explorer, it suddenly hangs.

What will you do now ?

I am pretty sure you will reach out for Ctrl+Alt+Del keys or run the task manager in some other geeky way then you will select the buggy(unresponsive) application and choose “End Task”.

Before reading this post completely, you are going to follow any of the 2 methods mentioned above. Right ?

Now before telling you the shortcut, i want to tell that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach, in fact most of us use this method (Even i did before writing this shortcut). Moving further, has it ever happened to you that the task manager itself took ages to load up ? I don’t know about you but it did (with me) and can happen (with you too) because task manager does a lot of other things besides just ending tasks. And who doesn’t like to do things the easy way ……

How To Do It ?

Follow the simple steps given below :

  1. Right click on the desktop and choose New.
  2. Click on Shortcut.
  3. In the dialog box that appears (As shown below), just type (in the space given):
  4. taskkill.exe /f /fi “status eq not responding”

  5. Save it and give a it a name of your choice.

That’s It !
Now just wait for something to start “Not Responding” and then run the shortcut you just created !


In particular the command we use says that kill all taskes whose status is equal to “not responding” and kill them forcefully (/f). The /fi switch is used to filter and pinpoint the application to kill. We are using the Program’s status to filter the applications that are not responding and then kill them instantly.


  1. Hey,

    Ive got an impersonating antivirus program running a muck on my computer, (windows 7)

    I have found the application and im trying to delete it, but because its currently running it wont allow me to do so. Sooo i was wondering if there is a way to end the program, Also it closes task manager if u open it, saying taskmanager.exe is a virus, (so full of shit) it would be responding normally if i could see it so the shortcut idea wont work.

    Please help meee! Ty in advanced.

  2. I have updated the post with an image showing the dialog box which will appear when you click on “Create New Shortcut”. Just paste the code given above and click “Next” (Leave the name as it is). Let me know if this works or not.

  3. Its me again, sorry to bother you (if I am) but when I clicked on “Create Shortcut”….nothing appeared! O.O


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