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Kindle Fire Tablet Has Successful Launch – Rumours Of Bigger Screen Sizes Tablets Floating

Amazon‘s Kindle Fire tablet priced at $ 199 in US, has received unprecedented response since its launch a week ago. The online retailer – Amazon– is inundated with orders and all their estimates have gone haywire. When a product becomes successful so early since its launch, various rumours start floating, which is very common feature of a gadget’s life.

The latest rumor is that the next Kindle Fire will have an 8.9″ inch screen and be followed by a 10.1″ inch model. A Taiwanese website say that Amazon is working on new tablets in 10.1″ inch and 8.9″ inch screen sizes, with the smaller of the two planned for release in the second quarter of 2012.

Although it will be too premature to say anything about the rumors at this stage as Amazon has just launched its Kindle Fire tablet and they would like to go full circle of its life and sell maximum numbers of pieces before bringing in enhanced versions. However, there is logic and substance in the rumor because before they announced launch of Kindle Fire tablet, rumours started floating months in advance. Moreover, they would gradually migrate to bigger screen sizes and enhanced features to compete with reputed companies like Apple, Samsung etc.

Similarly, the analysts are predicting that Amazon will come out with smartphone by fourth quarter of 2012. Yes, that is quite possible because after success of Kindle Fire tablet, Amazon will definitely bring out smartphone and they will not wait till last quarter of 2012, it could be as early as first or second quarter of 2012. They have tasted success with tablets and would definitely lay their winning hands on smartphone,  as early as possible lest the market is saturated for smartphone.

Year 2012 will be very interesting for new launches by Amazon and other companies like Nokia, who are also planning to bring their tablet by second quarter of 2012. Wait for amazing gadgets!


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