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Your Latest Smartphone Should Make Your Life Easy

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of eBay for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

All of us are almost addicted to our smartphones – be it for calling, chatting, shooting, navigation, connecting to social networking sites or accessing the web content and of late making payments with the latest iPhones 6. Nowadays, almost everybody owns a smartphone, and with the plethora of smartphones available in the market on Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry platforms ranging from entry-level to high end and upto screen sizes of six inches, one can have it and use it for different applications. Currently, the competition between the leading smartphone vendors is not much about hardware capabilities but availability of applications on their platforms. The apps have become part and parcel of our daily life now. Now, one can shop online, book a cab or air/railway /theater ticket etc. sitting in the confines of your office/home or while on the move through various apps available for these services.

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The most important feature of current smartphone is its camera capabilities and the latest smartphones are equipped with powerful camera sensors but all of them are not capable of reproducing sharp and crisp images. Those vendors who have powerful software applications to enrich their camera enhancements, are the clear winners in this highly-demanding requirements of real-like images. The other important features of the current smartphones is high speed Wi-Fi connectivity and the battery stamina to enable the users to remain connected for ever without any hiccups. The latest smartphones boasts of these capabilities and still the users face issues in these departments. Nowadays, it has almost become a trend to navigate with the help of navigation apps which comes pre-loaded with mapping and navigation apps such as HERE of Nokia especially in Lumia devices, and Google maps, which can be found on all Android devices. Moreover, many distress apps are available on various OS platforms, which are quite useful in the event of emergency. eBayForTheWin Aggregating all these mobile requirements together, iPhone 6 is one such well rounded device. With its release back in September, 2014, now is a great time to ditch your old one and upgrade to shiny new iPhone 6! And in doing so eBay is one of the best place to get a good price. They are also running a campaign wherein eBay returns up to $200 more for your current previous generation device over competitors and is also offering $100 if in case you are not able to sell you device…! So do you accept the challenge? List your phone today. Visit – eBay For The Win for details on the offer.  

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