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Five Awesome Ways To Use Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows devices to communicate with each other. Nearly all gadgets come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities and every major operating system supports this wireless tech, making it easily accessible for most people. In fact, ABI Research estimates that we will have more than 30 billion devices that can connect to the Internet by 2020. Don’t get left behind. Instead become part of this movement with Bluetooth.


Transfer Files Between Devices

Throw away that flash drive and use Bluetooth to transfer your files instead, suggests MakeTechEasier. Sure, you could argue that cloud computing is essentially the same thing, but transferring files with Bluetooth works even when an Internet connection is not available. You can share photos and files from PC to PC, PC to phone or phone to phone as long as both devices have Bluetooth turned on.

Play Video Games Wirelessly

Gamers know all too well the unsightly look (and frustration) of tangled wires. Fortunately, Bluetooth takes away that hassle with wireless controllers, gaming mice, keyboards and headsets. You can make your gaming experience better with Bluetooth, whether you’re playing “Watch Dogs” or the remastered version of “The Last of Us” on your PS4. Additionally, the PS4 makes it simple to connect to Bluetooth since the system automatically detects devices that are nearby.

Turn Your Phone into a Remote

Never worry about losing your TV remote again by turning your smartphone into one. According to Verizon, you’ll need to download a remote control app that is compatible with your television and purchase an IR blaster device (to turn your phone’s commands into infrared signals). Your family will never have to go searching for the remote under couch cushions when they have access to channel changing right on their own smartphones.

Experience Hands-Free Driving

No, we’re not encouraging you drive with your hands off the wheel. What hands-free driving actually refers to is Bluetooth-enabled stereos and hands-free talking. If your car doesn’t already come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, there are three ways to add Bluetooth to your vehicle, explains Crutchfield, a national retailer that specializes in mobile audio equipment. You can purchase a universal Bluetooth kit, a stereo-specific adapter or a stereo with built-in Bluetooth capability. When purchasing a kit, make sure it can both stream music and provide hands-free calling since some can only do one or the other.

Control Your Gadgets

Forgot to unplug your curling iron? Not sure if you left the living room light on? Want to run a load of laundry while you’re away? Bluetooth can solve all those problems and more. The BeeWi Mobot is a Bluetooth power plug that allows users to control everything that is plugged into their homes. This powerful little device works together with an app on your smartphone to schedule when you want a device to be on or off. Amazingly, the BeeWi Mobot also has a motion detector that can alert you with a text of possible intruders, a temperature sensor to warn of fire and a built-in battery in case the power goes out.


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