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Lava Iris Pro 30 Has Impressive Design & Features

Lava Iris Pro 30 launched today is the first premium smartphone under Iris Pro series by Lava International., which is priced at Rs. 15,999. At the launch event, I had the opportunity to test this smartphone for quite some time.

Iris Pro 30 Back

I am quite impressed with the build quality of this smartphone, which is elegant and unlike other Chinese smartphones, this device has glamorous look. The back of Iris Pro 30 is black and resembles to some extent the back of Apple’s iPhone 5, but the similarity ends here. The Iris Pro 30 is light in weight and weighs just 114 grams and the company’s claim that this device is the lightest and slimmest in this category emanates from this form factors.


This smartphone has been designed, developed by Lava Team based in India, and the design of the Iris Pro 30 speaks volumes about engineering acumen of Indian personnels of Lava. When I asked Mr. Hari Om Rai, Chairman & MD about the specific reason for developing this particular smartphone by Indian team, he replied that we have with us quality and qualified people and this is an attempt to increase employment opportunities in India. We expect that in the coming days, we will have the opportunity to see such more devices from the house of Lava.


This smartphone comes with a good display of 4.7 inches and its touchscreen is highly responsive, and viewing angles are also impressive. Its 8MP rear camera with  Dual LED flash and BSI sensor captured in good lights were good images which are quite ok for sharing on socail networking sites, but we will have to check to click images in fading light or during night time to see the real effectviness of the camera. It would have been better if Lava had installed higher capacity camera of say 13Mp camera in this smartphone, which is becoming a norm now. But as Lava said at the launch event, they had the price constraint and hence this capacity of camera in the Iris 30. Personally speaking, most of the users of Iris Pro 30 would not be using the smartphone for professional photography and would be using the camera for facebook and twiter, for which the quality is satisfactory.

Iris pro30 Front

As far as internal storage of this device is concerned, it has 4 GB of memory, which can be expaned upto 32 GB via MicroSD card. As for camera logic, the internal memory should have been 8GB, but to keep the prices low, it has been kept at 4GB.

Our overall first hand impression is that Iris Pro 30 appears to be handsome device, but we will be able to give our detailed opinion once we review it thoroughly. So, wait for our final verdict when we are able to review it.


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