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Lenovo TWS HT10 Pro Earbuds with EQ Technology Set to Launch in India

Lenovo is all set to launch its flagship TWS HT10 Pro Earbuds in India. HT 10 pro is an upgraded version of the previously launched TWS in 2019. Along with HT 10 Pro, the company is set to launch a range of audio devices with EQ technology.

Lenovo’s EQ Technology used on HT10 Pro will enablee the user to experience different frequency of music in the same device such as for light music the clarity of sound matters the most but for dance numbers, heavy beats music you need heavy bass for the thumping sound. Both the experience is possible in these devices by changing the mode between “Pure Music” and “Extra Bass” by pressing a single button. This Technology allows two preset equalizer frequencies in the same device. According to Lenovo, this technology is breakthrough for low-cost devices as earlier this was only possible in very high-end devices.

H10 Pro is priced Rs 4,499. It is a wireless waterproof stereo dual microphone earbud with exceptional sound quality. With Ergonomic design and comfortable to wear, this earbud gives 48hrs playing time (including battery backup of charging case) and 200hrs standby time as claimed by Lenovo. With Dual EQ, it supports extra bass mode and standard mode for HD sound quality. The device is compatible with 5.0 Bluetooth and has 20M range. The earbud is powered by QCC3020 Chipset and supports aptX Audio for improved audio quality.


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