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Letv To Participate In CES 2016 In Las Vegas

Letv, the China-based internet technology conglomerate, is taking part in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to be held in Las Vegas from 6 to 9th January, 2016. The speculation is that this appearance at CES could precede the organization’s entry into India.

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CES is a globally renowned electronics and technology tradeshow hosted by Consumer Electronics Association in United States. Held in Las Vegas every year from 6 to 9 January, CES has become the largest and most impactful consumer electronics and technology tradeshow in the world. Letv made its appearance in CES Asia in Shanghai in May this year, where it exhibited its premium Series 3 Super TV X55 and Max65. As the world’s only internet company with a connected and all-inclusive ecosystem covering Cloud, TV, mobile, electric car, sports and internet finance, Letv will certainly impress audiences with products and concepts that bind leading technology and a superb user experience, as stated by the company in its press statement.

At a press meeting in Hong Kong, Letv launched several products including its flagship Superphones, the world’s first innovative EUI system and newly-acquired content. To conclude the briefing, Tin Mok, Vice President of Le Holdings and CEO, APAC ended his presentation with “See you in Las Vegas”, which implies that Letv will be an active participant at CES to be held in Las Vegas between 6-9 January 2016.

Letv’s recent moves have sparked tremendous curiosity, anticipation and expectations in the industry and among consumers including of India. Apart from the launch in Hong Kong, the company also signed a memorandum of understanding with the British luxury sport car maker Aston Martin for developing connected electric vehicles.

As Letv advances its global presence, there is significant evidence that the internet giant is also foraying into India as its founder has, at various platforms, expressed keen interest in the India market. Currently, it is rumored that the company is engaged in rigorous testing of its phones in various labs in India.

Founded in 2004 as a video-streaming company, Letv has become a full-fledged listed conglomerate with a wide range of businesses including TVs, mobile phones, green cars, sports, music, movies and TV show production. Highly active interactions and responses from Indian users on the company’s social media platforms are indicative of Letv gearing up to amaze the Indian market as well.


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