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LG To Unveil Three New LED Projectors In The Minibeam Series In CES 2016

LG has announced that it will be displaying three newest LED projectors in the Minibeam series (models PH550, PF1000U, PW1500) in the upcoming CES 2016 in Las Vegas in US. These projectors feature both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for unparalleled freedom and viewing convenience. These projectors have improved design of one-hand grip of previous Minibeam projectors, and these have been slimmed down even further for easier portability and convenience.

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According to LG, the  compact PH550 eliminates the need for all wires thanks to its triple wire-free connectivity, a first in any projector. The users can send content to the projector from a smartphone or tablet using the Wi-Fi mirroring-enabled Screen Share, connect to speakers wirelessly via Bluetooth and unplug from the wall for 2.5 hours of viewing pleasure using the rechargeable internal battery. No other projector currently on the market offers this level of connectivity and freedom. And less than half the size of a standard A4 sheet of paper, the PH550 at 550 lumens is the brightest among LG’s battery-powered projectors.

Winner of the CES 2016 Innovation Award, the versatile PF1000U is unique in its ability to project a 100-inch image when placed only 15 inches (38 centimeters) from a wall or screen. At just a quarter the size and one fifth the weight of the market-leading ultra short throw (UST) model, the PF1000U is the world’s first UST projector to weigh less than 2kg. Despite its small size, the Full HD PF1000U delivers a stunning 1,000 lumen brightness rating, all while consuming just a third of the power of competing units. In addition, the PF1000U operates at an ultra-low 21dB while in Eco Mode. These factors combine to make this projector by far the most advanced UST projector in the world, adds the statement of LG.

The new PW1500 is able to render images at an astounding 1,500 lumens, the brightest in the entire LG Minibeam series. Perfect for everything from slide show presentations to theater-quality movie viewing, the PW1500 is the ideal projector for viewers who consume a wide range of content.

LG has beeen the leading LED projector manufacturer for seven consecutive years as per report of PMA Research for 2008-2014 projectors greater than 99 lumens.


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