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LG Optimus SOL E730 Features – It’s Offerings [Part 2]

In my last review article I covered the over look and feel factor of LG Optimus E730. If you haven’t read the article, I suggest you to first read that one and then bounce back here 🙂

Anyway, moving on, in this continuation I intend to highlight the underlying goodness (or otherwise) of LG Optimus E730. After all it is the features of a smartphone that make is really smart and worth spending money for.

To begin with, the screen size is acceptable. Those of you moving from the usual “Nokia physical keyboards” type phones should find the screen appealing. However if you have used trendsetting phones viz. Galaxy S II, Galaxy S, iPhone then you’ll be in for disappointment. Yes the phone has a Corning Gorilla glass but poor software implementation makes it kind of annoying to use despite of the fact that it has greater pixel density (246 ppi). Improve the Optimus UI, throw in some color adjustments and it should be a better device to use! More of LG’s software department issue than phone itself.

In memory front, for a mobile phone of this range, it has a lot to offer. Plenty of internal storage, counting to 1 GB, pretty hefty for any user I’d say. Inclusion of 512 MB RAM ensures that you can run most of your background applications and bundle that up with 1 GHz processor, you don’t risk slowing down your device. However, one thing that I noticed was that the phone did hung up on me as and when RAM consumption touched 400 – 450 MB mark. Just an optimization update required.

Communication methods have been packed in well with LG Optimus E730. With GPRS, EDGE being bare necessaries, It also rakes in 3G, Wifi and more importantly Wifi Direct, something which has been picking up a lot of heat lately plus it’s way better than Bluetooth of traditional USB transfer…!! So great job done by LG to include all these together. Plus 1 I’d say 🙂

Another thing that people seem to emphasis on while buying a phone is camera. Though I consider it as a secondary feature but many want a powerful lens in their pocket. So I guess It’s better to give it a thought on that too. Optimus SOL E730 very well takes care of that department. It comes with a 5 MP rear camera and no LED, which is a let down since LG cared to zip in 5 MP lens with video shooting (Implies NO night photography), capable of taking photo’s of up-to 2592 ? 1944 pixels. Add to this the ability to shoot 720p videos and you have got a good sidekick camera built right into your smartphone. Smart isn’t?!

To sum it up, LG Optimus SOL E730 comes with good amount of features for a phone in price range of ~Rs. 17,000.

Note – In next and last article I’ll be covering the UI part of LG Optimus SOL E730. Since android is about beautification, aesthetics as well and not just features and functionality!


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