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LG Plays Cupid & Arranges Marriage In A Shopping Mall!

Who said marriages are made only in heaven? Sometimes, they can be made in a shopping mall also! Just read the true story:

On Saturday evening, the crowd at the Ambience Mall in Gurgaon was in for a big surprise. They witnessed an incredible fun filled and romantic event that left them mesmerized and pleased at the same time.

It all began when two girls entered the LG store situated on the second floor, while taking a stroll around the mall. One of the girl’s (Pooja) boyfriend, Karan, appeared on one of the display television in the store, wishing her to have a good time shopping. This clip left Pooja surprised; her friend also played the part, of being equally amazed. But the real show began when both of them reached the ground floor and Pooja saw her boyfriend standing and waiting for her in the middle of a crowd. Before she could react, the music started and the entire crowd surrounding her broke into a dance frenzy, together at the same time.

As more and more people joined in, the entire place was filled with at least 100 dancers, all grooving with their well-coordinated moves. The entire horde of shoppers and people visiting the mall also rushed to the area and many of them joined the group of dancers. Karan proposing to Pooja was part of the grand design and everyone witnessed the young couple’s spontaneous engagement. All this came as a huge surprise to Pooja, who had no clue about the planning done by her impish boyfriend with the help of LG World Record team, which gladly played the role of modern day cupid. Following their public engagement, the couple is now set to marry soon.

Bringing out the idea of making Life Good, this event focused on creating a platform for the young couple to be a part of the LG family. The experience of watching one’s favorite videos on LG’s latest series of 3D TVs was also a high point of the event. The event portrayed and introduced people to the lighter side of LG, the one which symbolizes LG’s core belief- that life indeed is truly good.

Karan – the star of the event – is a fan of LG and its products and he approached LG World Record man Sherlock and Greg to help him propose to his girlfriend. The LG WR team, along with its online partner firm Gold Ocean Communiation, organized one of the most memorable flash mob proposals ever in India, to help the lover boy in distress win over his lady love.

With such an assorted mix of talents from all walks of life, the event concluded on an ecstatic note. The flash mob proved to be a hugely successful event that brought people together and created an atmosphere of celebration and happiness. The couple walked home with loads of good wishes and encouragement from the LG team and everyone associated.


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