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LG Releases YouTube Videos Highlighting LG G4 Features


To promote its recently launched LG G4 smartphone, South Korean giant has partnered with YouTube’s hottest stars from around the world to highlight the best and most unique features of the LG G4.

These five individuals have created so far nine videos and are now available for viewing on YouTube, details of which are listed below:

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  • Alex Chacon’s YouTube videos have been seen more than 18 million times. Alex, who gained fame for shooting an epic 36-country, 600-day video selfie, took the LG G4 on a journey across the western United States where he captured breathtaking selfie scenes and gave viewers creative tips on how to make their own epic selfies.

  • Barbixas, a three-man team based in Brazil, have more than 525 million views on YouTube. Famous for its live improv shows, Barbixas and the LG G4 brought fans closer to the action in two videos, including an entertaining behind-the-scenes reel.

  • Dude Perfect, who last year made a trick shot video to demonstrate the G3’s revolutionary Laser Auto Focus, has more than 6 million YouTube subscribers and its videos have been watched more than 780 million times. This time Dude Perfect has brought along Paul Rabil, the world’s top lacrosse player, to show its fans some of the amazing camera features of the G4.

  • Felipe Neto, another Brazilian, is known nationwide as the brains behind the popular entertainment channel Parafernalha. In his video, Felipe pontificates and postulates on selfies and life, with quirky tips on how to capture the perfect selfie with the LG G4.

  • OHA Diyorum, a popular duo from Turkey, talks about bending the rules of football and the proper way to eat Baklava, collecting 2.1 million views along the way.


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