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Guvera Music Streaming Service Announces Data Saving Function

Guvera music streaming service has expanded its data saving function in all 20 markets it operates globally. This function will allow users to significantly reduce their data usage while streaming music.


Now, when users listen to a track through Guvera, they will have access to advanced audio buffering technology, thus significantly reducing the data impact of playing the song again in the future.

Guvera CEO Darren Herft said that this decision has been made to ensure customers have unlimited access to Guvera’s music library and curated playlists, without being restricted by excessive data consumption.

“Guvera is focused on providing customers with the music they love, on their terms. Data is an increasingly important commodity and our data saving function ensures we are meeting the needs of music lovers.”

With the addition of new function, when users navigate through Guvera, they will see a green arrow next to songs after they have been streamed once. This arrow indicates that when streamed in the future, data will not be used.

“For customers who stream hours of music every month, the ability to save data could have a huge impact on their monthly (phone) bill and help them keep more money in their pocket,” Mr Herft added.

Guvera claims to have more than 11 million users and is available in over 20 markets. Guvera offers unlimited music streaming via its app on Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices, as well as on the web at www.guvera.com.


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