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LG Has Various Solutions For Smart Homes & Cities

LG_LOGO1 (1)Smart homes will be reality soon and according to experts, all average homes will be organized and automated by 2020. The homes of the future will have centralize control of lighting, heating, security and appliances. All these homes will be controlled by single gadget with multiple tasks with a click of a button whether you are sitting at home or are away from home.

To meet the demands of smart homes, LG has already started gearing up for this revolution and has come out with many trend-setting devices such as washing machine,refrigerators etc.


LG SIGNATURE Twin Wash washing machine has built in SmartThinQ technology and with its wi-fi connectivity, custom cycles can be uploaded to the washer. Cycle statuses can be monitored via LG Smartphone app and alerts can be sent when the cycle is complete.

LG Knock on Door In Door Refrigerator

For the future kitchen, LG has come out with Knock-On feature on its  Knock on Door In Door refrigerator which allows you to simply knock on the door to reveal what’s inside. When you knock on the door, the interior lights up to reveal whatever foodstuffs you might have forgotten about. Auto Door feature, allows the fridge to detect when your foot is nearby to gently open the door. This feature will be quite useful when your both hands are occupied with vegetables and fruits which you want to stuff in your refrigerator.

To tackle the problem of mosquito menace and give you a good night sleep, Mosquito Away TV of LG is another innovation from the South Korean electronics giant.

LG has crafted its SIGNATURE lineup which not only look great but they are easier to use. These appliances will have features such as doors that automatically open when you approach, easy-to-understood control panels in accessible areas, and panels that become translucent to the touch. The future appliance will be more efficient and quieter. In fact, all of these features are present in LG SIGNATURE today. Much like these appliances, the future home and the future city will not only look good, but it will change our lives in ways we are yet to imagine.

For smarter cities, LG is well-equipped to tackle Air pollution in cities like New Delhi and Mumbai. LG’s air and water purifiers may therefore become more common in the near future. Until the future city catches up and is able to solve these issues on a larger scale, these types of appliances will become absolutely necessary in emerging economies during the short term.

Besides this LG has adopted environment friendly and energy saving solutions on its appliances. LG’s Sapience washing machine promises to save two lakh litres of water over a period of ten years. LG’s unique linear compressor technology in the refrigerator has fewer moving parts, which creates less friction and saves more energy. LG Dual Inverter AC is equipped with Dual compressor which not only cools the room 30 per cent faster but also limits the power consumption from 40-80 per cent of normal usage saving up to 57 per cent of energy.


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