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Line Go!Go!Go! Racing Game Now Available For Android, iOS

Line corporation has announced Line Go!Go!Go!, racing game based on their gaming platform. Available for free of cost for Android, iOS running devices, Line Go!Go!Go! is a simple racing game with a very basic motive i.e to score maximum points by travelling as far as possible and passing as many vehicle as you can before your car runs out of gas.

Line Go!Go!Go!

The challenge lies in going as far as possible before the gas depletes. Crashing into other vehicles and distance traveled are the two sole reasons for gas depletion, the latter not only depletes the player’s fuel gauge at a faster pace but also slows the player down. Replenishing gas is only way to travel greater distance and score more points, passing checkpoints replenishes some fuel. The other aspect to increasing score count is to tailgate behind other vehicles in order to get a speed boost thus allowing players to drive further on less gas.

Line Go!Go!Go! Car Selection

This was mainly about the gaming part, Line Go!Go!Go! also has a social features attached to it viz. at certain points on the road, a yellow exclamation mark appears reflecting that a rival car has joined the race. Passing the rival car or destroying it with an item within the allotted time limit gets you bonus points. Moreover players can see how they rank against their friends, exchange Tires necessary for play, and boast about new high scores on each other’s Timelines, all of which earn Friendship Points that can be used to get more cars and items.

Line Go!Go!Go! Gameplay

The game require you to have a Line account which is possible only by downloading the Line app and registering using your mobile phone number. Not a neat way to get started but this is how it is.

Line Go!Go!Go! Account Login

Line Go!Go!Go! is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Just follow the image link given below to download the game.

Android App Play Store Link Apple App Store Logo



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