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Some time back i was searching for a website to list business activity of one of my friend, and while googling i came across a website called Webdir.biz

Web DirectoryOn first look the site appeared to simple, which i found appealing to eyes. The categories (Main and Popular) are neatly listed on the homepage. Submitting your business link is very easy, you just need to hover mouse cursor to the ‘Submit Your Link’ and click it, then a page will appear asking you to fill out some information about your business and type of link you want to purchase. Webdir.biz offers two types of links,

1. Featured link, costing 79 $ per listing

2. Regular link, costing 29 $ per listing

Besides web directory listing, the site also has a blog of its own, from where you can converse with the site owners or mod’s and clarify your doubts (if any), alomg with a blog it also has a Tools tab located at the top of its homepage, which as for now shows “Page Rank History Checker” only but promises to update it with more helpful tools !

All in all it appears to be a good web directory. You can Add Business Link here.

Do let us know through comments area whether you liked the site or not.


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