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“Listen” To India Today Magazine On Mobile With Symbian App

India Today, the premier magazine of India, has come up with a unique mobile application which delivers the content of magazine in the form of audio rather than usual read mode. This application serves 2 purposes:

  • Saves you from the trouble of carrying a physical copy of India Today.
  • Acts as an audio book thus eliminating need to read article.
Working of application is pretty basic. The homepage of India Today mobile application shows the latest issue of magazine available, from where you can click on “Topics” to browse through the available list and select the one which you want to listen. A short audio ad (depending on availability) is played before actual article is streamed but it lasts few seconds and isn’t really a trouble. Add to this, there’s an option to share the articles with your friends via email!
One thing which is lacking in this app is an option to select the exact article i.e you are allowed to select the topic only and from there you need to click “Next” to get to the article you want to listen. A better way would have been to list down all the articles available for streaming. Nonetheless its a good way to “Listen” to India Today on the move 🙂
India Today Audio Magazine mobile application, powered by Atmoscast, is available for Symbian running mobile phones and can be downloaded directly from Nokia Ovi Sore – India Today.

This application need Internet access. Although it runs perfectly fine on an EDGE connection however for buffer-less streaming 3G is recommended.



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