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Java Game – Waka Vs Maka, Be The Good Guy, Get Rid Of All The Maka’s!

Waka Vs Maka, a mobile game developed by Good News 4 me, is a java based game for Symbian running Nokia phones. Its a simple game with a simple motive of getting rid of all the red boxes/balls (supposedly bad guys or Maka) using Waka or the green colored (good guys).

Tapping on the square boxes changes their shape to round balls and allows you to maneuver them in gameplay. Waka vs Maka involves some imagination skills and thus is not a dumb game at all. Although the time take for figures to convert into ball or box can be a bit irritating but if you really get the hang of it then you’ll surely be addicted to this game with the hope of unlocking all the levels!

This odd sounding game, Waka vs Maka, is available for free for Symbian touch phone users (other can try!) on Nokia Ovi Store – Waka vs Maka. Since this game is java based therefore if your mobile runs java apps then you can install this game as well, just keep in mind that it needs screen size of atleast 360×640. Non-symbian users can download this game using this direct link.


  1. hey paritosh
    I’m confused between which phone to buy- samsung galaxy S or nokia X7? I’m basically after the hd gaming. Which phone is better at running hd games?
    Is there really much difference between galaxy’s 1Ghz and nokia’s 634Mhz? I’m a little hesitant to the galaxy as it doesn’t have camera flash. Moreover i’ve never used a samsung+android phone which would mean learning a new os from start.


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