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Lockscreen Policy Android App Lets You Get Rid Of Lock Screen Widgets

This android app is specifically for Android 4.2 (and up) users i.e for those who have lock screen widgets functionality. So, other’s please browse through for other android apps, you’ll find many interesting ones! For those having Android 4.2 (or higher version) installed in their devices, Lockscreen Policy android application is one to look out for.

Lockscreen Policy app does one task. It removes the lock screen camera option or/and ability to add/remove widgets on lock screen. Nothing more, nothing less. With this app you can go back to the usual android lock screen in case you are not intimidated by the inclusion of lock screen widgets, which, in my opinion, are great way to access the most used widgets without even un-locking the device!

Using the app is pretty easy, Turn off undesired features using the toggle switches (Changes are made instantly) and press activate. Nothing fancy. Lockscreen Policy is available for free on Google Play Store and can be downloaded using the image link given below


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