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Video Caller ID Android App – Get Rid Of Monotonous Audio Ringtone

We have been hearing the usual ringtone’s for a long long time now. Feature phone’s, bigger displays, powerful core’s, etc have made their mark but the bare essential purpose of attending calls remains the same with audio ringtone being the neglected part.

The good news is that you can swift away from all that by installed Video Caller Id android application on your mobile phone. Video Caller Id app lets you select a video to display when a call is received instead of usual ringtone. Moreover, this highly customizable app lets you organize the call screen by choosing what you want to see and what you don’t want on caller screen. Also, you can set a custom video for individual contacts just like you used to set a custom caller ringtone.

I did use Video Caller Id (Free) for sometime and was pretty happy with video’s popping up when someone called especially the full screen videos. However, I am more in love with the simplistic stock android ringer view 🙂

Video Caller Id has 2 variants, the free version and paid version. You can download the free version by following the image link below


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