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Make Free International Calls Anywhere In The World


This one should interest you more than anything.

Most of you would be thinking in the back of their mind ‘ What the fuck ? How is it possible ? ‘

The good news is, all those who think it ain’t possible or its a scam, i say its very much possible and that you need to read this post thoroughly.

Now usually there is always a catch or some sort of ‘purchase’ required in order to avail the free service. But in this case the only catch or i should say limitation is that the call time is limited to 5 minutes per call. Reading this, if you were going to close this (Browser)window i want to tell you that there are no limitations on the number of calls you make in a day.

What do you say now ? Good, very good……… i say excellent !!

It doesnt matter where you live, you can make totally free international calls to anywhere you like !

This service, although is available for people living in USA only but there is a way around to get it working for persons living anywhere in the world.

Follow the below mentioned steps and get in touch with your friends, family or acquaintances ( Whom you have’nt met in a long time ) :-

For users living in USA —

  1. You need to call a toll-free number, so if you call from Landline its a free call for you. Mobile calls, am afraid could be charged (local charges).
  2. Call 18003733411 from your US Landline/Mobile. The operator will greet you with a welcome message and ask you to select one of the FREE411 service. The Last option is Free Call. You don’t have to press any number or key to select but instead say FREE CALL loudly in your phone.
  3. This voice message will be read by their server and you will go to next step to actually make a free international call. Now they will run a short ad about 5 secs. When the ad stops, you can start dialing your international number in countycode+citycode (if any)+phone number format. ( Please DO NOT press # or *, its NOT required.)
  4. The call will be automatically placed to the desired number. The operator prompts your call is getting connected. Once connected you can talk for upto 5 minutes and then your call is disconnected.
  5. You can talk upto 5 minutes per call. You can make multiple calls.

For users living OUTSIDE USA —

Not living in USA ? Well there is always another way of doing things, follow the below mentioned steps to take advantage of this awesome service :-

  1. For making free calls, you will be needing yahoo messenger voice client for pc. You can download it from this link.
  2. Click on the yahoo voice tab as shown in the image below.yahoo messenger
  3. Click on the ‘ Call a Phone Number from my PC… ‘ option.
  4. Dial the number and press enter.yahoo messenger 1
  5. Your call will be connected and you would notice a prompt, which says there is no charge for this call.
  6. Now follow the 3rd and 4th step mentioned above for USA users.

That’s it !!!

You can now make mutiple calls with a time period of 5 minutes per call.

PLEASE NOTE — This service is totally advertisement based so please do not abuse/violate the system.

UPDATE : Many of the Indian readers were complaining of them not being able to use the service. It might be due to the fact that while using yahoo messenger, you will be asked for option to select the country at that time you have to select USA and NOT India. If you are still facing any problems, leave a comment here.

{ Source :VoipGuides & Techpp }


  1. hi sir i am looking best website to make call to Saudi Arabia but still am in confused so i want to make call urgently so plz help me as son as possible thanks i am waiting fr response

  2. Hi!

    I’ve been trying this idea to call internationally for long now – but the operator never gives the option of Free Call. All she says is – “Choose your category: Business; Government; Residential; Horoscope….” but NEVER Free Call. Tried hard several times in sub-options too but no luck! Phew!

    Please guide us again. Thank you!

    BTW – I live in India .

    It would be highly appreciated if somebody could provide a step by step procedure to make international calls especially since the menu options have been definitely changed.

    Thanking you….

  3. I searched for \’Free Internet Phone Call Software\’ at google and found this your post (\’ee International Calls Anywhere In The World ! ! | TechVorm\’) in search results. Not very relevant result, but still interesting to read.

  4. Hi, Since the service is free there is a strong possiblity that yahoo
    might have made some changes to the countries from where free calls
    are made. Please check the yahoo portal regarding the countries.

  5. Hi..Iam leaving switzerland..and i would like to call india..but i can not use above mentioned any methods..


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