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MapmyIndia Announces Major Updates For ReachMe App

MapmyIndia, India’s leader in digital maps, navigation and location-based services, has announced major enhancements to its ‘ReachMe’ app. This application allows users to share their location with friends and contacts of their choice just by a single tap has now got a new and improved user interface (UI) that offers enhanced usage and speed.

MapmyIndia ReachMe (Updated)The update includes following new features and performance enhancements:

  • Navigate to and from their “saved PINs”- The users can save a PIN or a location and at any time tap to be routed back to it. This is a very useful feature that expands the scope of the app usage, as the user can invite the group to any location (pre-saved PIN) of his choice other than the current location. This is ideally useful if you want to invite your friends to your house while you are at another location.  After saving the house location as a PIN, all you need to do is tap at any given time to share with it and navigate to it.
  • New User Interface (UI) – The UI has been improved with better font usage to make the app more convenient and user-friendly. With the new UI ReachMe is even more responsive and faster. The location selection and share process can be done in much lesser taps than ever before.


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