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MapmyIndia To Showcase Connected/Convergence Products At Auto-Expo 2014

MapmyIndia will be showcasing the Connect/Convergence range of products and location-aware mobile apps at the upcoming Auto Expo 2014 from 7-11 February. MapmyIndia Connected/Convergence technology allows car manufacturers to offer a smart interactive car. The front and the rear seat travelers enjoy internet connectivity all the time. They can access services like SOS emergency app, Real Time Traffic updates, emails, concierge services, news, games, videos etc.

Salient Features of MapmyIndia products:

MapmyIndia rear-seat Navitainment

This is a  new android based GPS tablet that offers custom designed UI (User Interface) especially for car passengers. The default “Location Aware” UI will send instant alerts and information about places on the road you are traveling on e.g.- Petrol pumps, restaurants will pop up on the screen as alerts and upon tapping the screen it’ll open up the map and place page. This is an ideal rear-seat companion users will have access to connected Navitainment features like traffic updates, navigation, apps, videos, email etc on a large 7’ screen.

MapmyIndia Connect-Representation

MapmyIndia Connect

This device enables users to mirror their smartphone/tablet screen to the car AV screen. This advanced device wirelessly puts navigation, videos, applications, games etc. on to your car dashboard. Now MapmyIndia apps loaded onto your smartphone will guide you like an in-dash car navigator. This will enable assisted driving from the back seat also. The product can be used with other screens like LCDs, LEDs, Television etc.

MapmyIndia Smart-Mirror 1

MapmyIndia Smart Mirror

This is a navigator which is also a rear view mirror and doubles up as reverse camera screen. Powered by India’s best maps the product features the MapmyIndia Navigator merged with a rearview mirror to offer assisted driving experience.

Besides above hardware,  MapmyIndia’s location-aware mobile apps cover the complete SNT (Social, Navigation and Tracking) spectrum. These are compatible with all leading mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows and mobile browser) and are free for users.

MapmyIndia Maps :  is available free on iTunes store, Google play, Blackberry and Windows store. The application streams maps from MapmyIndia server through internet. This app provides maps, directions and search nearby.

MapmyIndia Locate : helps users identify the location and to stay connected with their friends, family and staff. Users can add upto ten friends or family members to locate. The application also supports detailed movement reporting and enables you to see people you are locating on a real-time map.

MapmyIndia ReachMe : allows users to share their location with friends and contacts of their choice just by a single tap.The utility of this application is further heightened by the current security concerns that have been bothering people from all walks of society.

MapmyIndia Explore  helps the users to find millions of useful places of interest like ATMs,restaurants, petrol pumps, hospitals etc. around them. Apart from being a city guide the app has a social interface. The users can pin favorite hangouts, rate and review popular places around their location and follow other “Explorers”.


  1. We’re hoping that in the coming months MapMyIndia will also be mapping electric charging points for Electric Vehicles. Or so we hope with our range of Electric Vehicles being showcased at the Auto Expo ’14 this year.


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