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Mbuntu For Symbian: Jazz Up Home-screen Of Nokia With Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu as you might be knowing is an open source Operating system light on resource and can virtually run on any hardware configuration (even on those running Windows 98 ;)). Efforts have been made by developers to do the same and port a compact version of basic ubuntu on Nokia mobile phones too! However till now, as per my knowledge, only Nokia N900 has seen Ubuntu 9.04 running successfully. All the other phone models with comparatively weak processors viz. Nokia 5230, 5800, N97, etc are yet to see a mobile version of ubuntu.

If you are one of those who are desperate to see Ubuntu desktop instead of the usual boring home-screen of Nokia then Mbuntu is the right application for you. Mbuntu, a product of MMMOOO, is a ubuntu desktop emulator for symbian running mobile phones and basically is a flash file that needs no installation and needs to be executed from the file manager itself. Mbuntu gives the look and feel of ubuntu desktop and once you run it on your mobile phone it acts as a home-screen providing a smooth User Interface with once click access to almost all the important application (Only shortcut links in short). In other words, Mbuntu is a facepack for mobile phone’s running symbian giving respite from the default Nokia home-screen.

Mbuntu is compatible with Symbian^3 (N8, etc), Symbian^1 (S60v5) (5230, 5800, N97, etc), S60v3 and Nokia Eseries (E63, etc) mobile phones. You can download & use the latest version of Mbuntu from here. Don’t forget to share your experience using Mbuntu!

UPDATE: If the above given download link doesn’t work then download using this link: Mbuntu For Mobile.


  1. Hi Paritosh,
    I could locate the file in my downloads and installed it again. However, I still cannot use any function other than the dialpad 🙁


  2. On my N97 mini, the only thing that works with Mbuntu is the calling feature. No other application shortcuts work. 🙁


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