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MTNL 3G Jadoo Review: More Of An EDGE Experience Than 3G Jadoo Experience (A Delhi User)

It has been a long time since MTNL launched 3G in New Delhi, India. Being one of the first (other than BSNL) to launch 3G services in India, MTNL has had a great chance to develop a huge 3G customer base considering the minimum level of competition and nearly monopoly for over year and a half. I, being an Airtel customer waited patiently for their 3G services hoping that they will launch it soon but thanks to the government’s intervention in video calling facility, 3G launch was delayed.

MTNL 3G Jadoo Service Review

Then I decided to try out MTNL 3G Jadoo from which I have been staying away because of my horrible past experience with them (Broadband and Landline). Anyway, I bought the 3G sim, activated the service which took a lot of time as neither MTNL’s customer service or the automated settings service had 3G settings for either Nokia 5230 or Samsung Galaxy 5. Somehow I created the network settings, for Nokia 5230, by googling around. Once the working of 3G was verified, the next step was to activate a 3G plan for testing purposes which I did (Rs. 650 for 2GB valid for 30 days).

Results of the speed test on Speedtest.net

Too excited to try the MTNL 3G Jadoo, I didn’t think twice before swashbuckling Rs. 650 towards a service of which i have read and heard horrendous reviews. The first thing I did was test the download speed of 3G connection with full signal by visiting Speedtest. The results, as expected from MTNL, were disappointing, I got a dismal download speed of 285 kbps (35.62500 kBps) and even worse upload speed of 57 kbps (7.12500 kBps). This test was done in night @ 10.30 p.m at which time it is expected that the networks are less congested. I expected a lot more than what I experienced. This result jolted my thoughts of buffer-less video streaming i.e FORGET about Live T.V streaming on mobile with this kind of 3G. Even my current service provider, Airtel (Mobile Office), delivers good enough download speed through EDGE network during peak hours.

Yet Another Disappointing Service From MTNL

What’s even sad is MTNL 3G uses partial proxy to open web pages, the reason for which I fail to understand; There’s constant switch between 3G and EDGE while on the move and even when you are in a stationary position; MTNL 3G TV sucks to the core (The term live is valid for only a handful of channels). To sum up, I regret my decision of spending over 700 bucks to get a taste of 3G service. The experience was a little better than Airtel EDGE but I am sure that once Airtel (or any other PRIVATE operator) launches 3G, other than tariff, the download/upload speed will be consistent and way way better than MTNL 3G. If you have an opinion which differs or want to share something then please leave a comment. I would be happy to discuss 🙂

NOTE: This review is based on my personal experience. I am not judging or saying that MTNL 3G user’s/potential users will have the same experience. The usability and performance depends on area to area, network coverage, etc.


  1. Solid Advice- MTNL 3g is good for only internet sevices. Network is very bad in Delhi. Giving half and charging full is the Mantra of MTNL.

  2. m frm mum. i ported out of vodafone to mtnl for 3g and i can tell you guys the 3g service is pathetic ! using htc desire, signal is unstable ! speed sucks (200-400kpbs upload)… and even general call quality is bad ! got a new vodafone sim used the same phone and got amazing 3g speed (3-5 mbps) during this free test period of vodafone !

    tried calling mtnl and complained but to no use, just waiting for 90 days to be over so that i can port back to vodafone !

  3. slow speed of mtnl 3g is history… i ported my number from idea to mtnl.. and i’m using 3g services .. it’s ultimate.. i downloaded 2mb of data in just 7seconds … it’s good enough

  4. I used the service in Uttam Nagar, New delhi. I got a speed of 185 kbps on 3g network of mtnl. But I am residing on outer delhi’s Najafgarh town, Here no 3g network of mtnl. Normal internet does not work here because mostly time a message comes ‘ data packet is not available’ and calling does not proceed even the phone is located nearby. The tape rings as out of coverage area.

  5. Reading about a service does not imply that it is true for everyone. Aatif Sumar in his comment said he was getting good download and upload speed in Mumbai. BUT for me, in delhi the scenario is different. Please test it yourself and then comment.

  6. Yelling strongly disagree with the speed test. its not too bad as i have read. the average speed is about 500 to 600 kbps and some times its even 2 mbps. its all depend on type of hsdpa or 3g. hsdpa offers more speed than a 3g phone and type of hardware or web page assessed

  7. I didn’t come to this conclusion based solely on a single test. The screenshot uploaded is of the maximum speed I got when tested during peak hours, off peak hours and early hours of the day. It’s good to know that you are getting consistent speed on your connection, in your city. Unfortunately that’s not the case in Delhi atleast for me.

  8. you cant form a conclusion on the basis of ONE speed test. Download the speedtest.net application from the market and use that. Test it at different times of the day, and on a Sunday.
    In Bombay i get a stable 500kbps upload and download at almost all times of the day.


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