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Micromax Introduces A75 Smartphone & Its Advertisement Copies iPhone 4S Brand Name

Micromax has launched Micromax A75 smartphone, priced at Rs. 15,729, which is on Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform. This smartphone has Dual Sim, 3MP Camera, 3G enabled with 650MHz processor.

The advertisement appeared in newspapers show iphone 4S brand name and in between there is wording : i can afford this phone 4Sure. In a veiled manner, Micromax is suggesting that if you cannot afford iPhone 4S then go for its A75 smartphone. In other words, they are offering the similar device which is iPhone 4s, which is absolutely incorrect.

This advertisement is misleading and to the best of my knowledge, no company can use brand name of other company to promote its own brand. I am not a legal expert but this advertisement is prepared in bad taste and a reputed company like Micromax should not have taken the assistance of another famous brand to sell its own brand of smartphone. I hope that Apple Inc will not deem it fit to file any complaint against Micromax for using brand name of its product in promoting Micromax A75 smartphone as Apple does not have any competition with Micromax.

Micromax may use any type of  tactics to promote its A75 smartphone, its price is very high and if somebody has to spend 15000 odd Rupees then the best option would be to buy Samsung Galaxy Y smartphone, which is also on Android platform and offers various features.


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