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Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Apps For Toddlers

To keep toddlers busy during summer holidays and to make them more creative and analytical, Microsoft has introduced few apps for Windows 8 and Windows 8 phones.


Shakespearean Prodigies: Ideal for learning new English words and increasing vocabulary.

Windows 8:

First Words with Phonics: The app visualizes the word with an image, gives jumbled spellings for the word and then spells it correctly – a fun mix of puzzle, ponder and pronounce.

Alphabets Writing: Kids can doodle their way through their first writing classes. They learn to write by tracing alphabets in bright colours along with related images and pronunciation

Windows Phone 8:

Jumbled Words: With a word bank of over 500 words, this one will definitely be mentor to some Bees.

100 Words for Babies and Toddlers: Pets, toys, fruits, vehicles, all this and more via colourful graphics and animations will ensure the little ones build a fab vocabulary.

The sharp shooters: They can play cops and robbers and hone their skills of shooting.

Windows 8:

Chimpact: Use bananas to power-up the cute chimp as he races through stunning jungles collecting medallions.

Glide n Ride: Learn to navigate rush hour traffic by gliding onto the roofs of travelling cars. Balance and concentration are the keywords to winning this adventurous game.

Windows Phone 8:

Balloon Shooter: Watch ‘em go pop, pop, pop as they build their concentration and coordination shooting balloon after balloon.

Picassos in the making: These apps will help your little-ones to play with colours.

Windows 8:

Daily Colorbook: From classic colouring pages to easy learning exercises and dot puzzles, gift children a world of creativity with several beautifully designed motifs.

Windows Phone 8:

Color me free: Colour by numbers, shapes, letters and dots and see the drawings come alive.

Paint and Puzzle Free: 10 cute animals and five different environments that kids can use to create 50 unique images which can also be turned into jigsaw puzzles that little one solve with gusto.

Next Gen voice of India: These apps are ideal for fine-tuning the singing habits.


Windows 8:

Rippling Rhymes: Preschoolers can now learn about numbers and alphabets as they sing along these nine educational rhymes.

Nursery Rhymes: Popular traditional classics like Baa, baa black sheep, London Bridge, Yankee Doodle with beautiful illustrations, lyric and on-tap audio-visual experience help children develop pre-reading skills, phonemic awareness, practice pitch and voice inflection as they sing along.

Windows Phone 8: 

Simon Plays Piano: This app is a great way to learn piano through a sequence of notes that lights up the piano keys matching the notes.

Kids Song Machine: Setting up a kiddie dance party is easy with this song machine app that includes songs like Row, row, row your boat, and If you’re happy and you know it.

Junior Shakuntala Devis: These apps will sharpen mathematical skills of your kids.

Windows 8:

Math Karting: Math and Go-Karting become a fun combination as kids learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide at each step, to win the race.

Windows Phone 8:

Math Masters: An amazing mental Math game which has the option of parents pitting their skills against kids.

Brain Tap: Bright, kid-friendly game with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division that makes test-taking child’s play.

Bright as Beanbags: These apps will help your kids to get information about human body parts and animal world.

Body Parts: Inquisitive kids learn about the human body – body parts’ names, spellings as well as about the five senses.

Games like Simon Says and Fun with Senses helps re-enforce what they’ve learnt.

Physics for Kids: Kiddies’ initiation into the amazing world of physics where they learn about Gravity, Force, Free Fall, Hot Air Balloons, Energy Saving Energy, Solar System, Friction and a lot more.

Windows Phone 8: 

Animal Encyclopedia: Surprise little ones with amazing facts about the animal world including Mammals, Aves, Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians and Insects

KidsDinoWorld: This app introduces kids to the fascinating world of dinosaurs as they learn A to Z about their exciting world.


“Mamma, I’m bored” : With these apps, kids can get relief from boredom by playing games and solving puzzles.

Windows 8:

Daily Puzzle: Explore different game modes with varying levels of difficulty. Helps kids improve concentration and develop logical skills

Tic Tac Toe: Enjoy the classic game to pass time you can play against the computer or friends with six beautiful themes.

Space Pi:  A great game to enhance agility and concentration in your kid. Defend your base from enemy lines by creating your own lines.

Snake and Ladder: Exciting game of dice throws in the race to reach the top, battling hungry snakes along the way

Windows Phone 8:

Hangman: Special kiddies version where they need to guess the correct word before the hangman gets them.

Story Time: For kids who love reading and listening to stories. Customised story narration, colourful images, and even story updates


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