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Microsoft Devices Provide Children A Secure Digital Environment

With the emergence of social media, affordable smartphones, and tablets, children are constantly hooked to these devices. Although the technology of mobility has immense benefits, it brings with it concerns for your child’s safety and the kind of content he or she could be exposed to.

image001 (3)In this 24×7 hooking onto smartphones, laptops and tablets, it becomes the duty of parents to guide their children to stay safe online and browse the desired content. The parents must also ensure data on devices is well secured, lest such data be stolen or manipulated by some malicious hacker.

To address above issues, the technology leader,Microsoft provides several features and apps across its devices and services which will provide children with a secure digital environment, and their parents with peace of mind :

My Family

“My Family” feature, which is available on both Windows phone and tablets, monitors and manages apps and game downloads on your child’s Windows Phone. To get started, you are required to set up a “family,” which includes your child’s account and one or more parent accounts. You’ll then be able to choose what type of app downloads you will let your child avail (free, paid, both, or none). In addition, you’ll also be able to set the rating level for the games your child can install.

Kid’s Corner

This feature allows kids’ to only access content that’s relevant for them on their parents’ smartphone. Available on Windows smartphones, this feature creates a “safe kid’s corner” where kids can play games, apps, music, and videos that are added by parents. At the same time, children can’t get to the rest of the content stored on the phone and are exposed to limited content thereby ensuring a restricted access to their parent’s phones.


This made-for-India, app is a highly advanced security app that ensures multifold security for kids, by parents and security groups simultaneously. It is faster since it combines tracking by both the parties and provides directions on your phone to local agencies such as police, hospitals and more. In addition to this the regular SMS alerts, will ensure relevant coverage for the app to the maximum extent acting as a Guardian for your child when in need.

Life360 Family Locator 

With this app, you can create “circles” of family members on your phone and this app will help you locate them on private maps. You will also get to know when family members need help, be able to chat one-on-one or with everyone within each of your circles, as well get alerts when a circle member reaches a destination.

Xbox One web filtering

Web filtering on Xbox One enables parents to control what kinds of websites their child can access on Xbox One. Using multiple options like ‘Allow List Only’, ‘Designed for Children’, ‘Basic Communication’ and ‘Warn on Adult’ will allow your child to enjoy the best of Xbox One, while blocking adult websites.


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