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Mobile Spy Can Turn Smartphones Into Spies To Catch Cheating Spouses And Children

Parents/wives/husbands, can now track every text, every call and every move their disloyal spouses/children  make, thanks to a new smartphone software called Mobile SpyMobile Spy application can track its users, record their calls, copy their emails, read their text messages, once it is loaded onto their phones! And the best thing is that the victim would not know his phone had been comprehensively hacked.

Cool, isn’t it?

““When you begin to notice signs of a cheating spouse, the best way to catch that cheat is to spy on his or her cell phone using spy software…”, Sky News quoted one of the developers of mobile phone spyware as saying. Similarly, you can spy on your children as well.

Such software is required because the cell phone has become the modern day keeper of secrets and its uses are as versatile and diverse as their makes and models,” the developer stated. By hacking the phone of someone the victim might trust, and learning something about them from reading their Tweets and Facebook page, the attacker will send a personalized email from a known account.

The user opens an email and a document, a picture, letter or pdf file. A programme can be embedded in the attached document which takes the hacked user’s phone off to a secret website site which covertly downloads spying software onto the smartphone. There is no way that a victim would know his phone had been comprehensively hacked. Spyware can covertly operate all of a smartphone’s functions from afar, turning it on and off, and stealing its secret contents.

Mobile Spy mobile application is available for iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile OS. More information about this mobile application can be attained from Mobile Spy official website.


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