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Moto X Gets 48th Update Of Camera & Other Features

Motorola had launched Moto X seven months ago and has been getting very good response in all the markets wherever it is available. In India, it was launched on 19th March and as per unconfirmed reports, flipkart is flooded with the orders. Since its launch, Motorola has updated its camera and other features several times and now they have released the 48th update for its stunning features:

Press to Snap – The Moto X is equipped with the 10 megapixel rear camera with a unique “Quick Capture” camera functionality, which allows users to open the camera app with two twists of the wrist. When the camera app opens, users can take a picture by touching anywhere on the screen.  Motorola has designed the camera app to help people take pictures more quickly and more naturally. The new update lets you take a picture by just pressing the volume button on your Moto X, and also on Moto G, and Droid Ultra.

Scroll Down Memory Lane – The new Motorola Gallery update brings a new way to browse through your photos in the timeline, making it easy to navigate galleries large and small. You are required ti swipe through each event to see your photos.The result is a more beautiful and more elegant gallery, and you’re able to see more of your own photos and videos wherever you look.

MOT_GALLERY_TIMELINE (1)Assist – Motorola Assist helps you out when you’re busy—reading messages aloud while you’re driving, helping you sleep in peace, and more. The app’s meeting mode, in particular, knows when you’re busy based on your calendar and silences calls when you don’t want to be bothered. With this new update to Assist, you can choose what calendars you want to use with meeting mode. So if it’s OK to be interrupted during your workout schedule but not OK to be interrupted during meetings and family time—you can make the choice.


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