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Movius Visual Voicemail Now Supports Native iPhone 5 Voicemail

Movius Interactive Corporation  which is a global leader in communication applications, has announced that its Visual Voicemail (VVM) service supports 100 % of the iPhone’s native voicemail features on iOS6 and below.

The Movius Visual Voicemail Server integrates with the iPhone by implementing the Apple iMAP interface and thereby supports all of its native features. This means Movius Visual Voicemail has all the features and functionality for an operator to launch iPhone visual voicemail.

According to Gartner’s Q2 2012 report, 18.8 percent of handsets sold globally were operated by Apple’s iOS. Dominic Gomez, Movius President and CEO, said accommodating all of Apple’s native features was highly important when developing VVM.

“Apple occupies near legendary status in the mobile market for its functionality and design, not to mention large market share. We therefore knew that VVM had to be compliant with the popular iPhone voicemail application by integrating with the handset OEM’s client protocol,” he said.

By giving end-users more variety for replying to messages, VVM boosts revenue, reduces expenditure and adds value for service providers. End-users are often more willing to respond to messages that they were either uncomfortable or unable to respond to before.

“A good example of VVM in action might be a person stuck in a meeting who would otherwise defer returning a call until after the meeting. He or she could return the call with a text message or forward the voice message to someone else. Having this type of flexibility fosters communication and increases revenue,” added Gomez.

Movius VVM already supports Android based devices.


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