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Upgraded Version Of PokeTALK Available

PokeTALK has had an upgrade recently. This release is their most significant release till now. This upgrade includes many new features such as, better usability, improvements on the site’s speed, and tons of other new features.


Following are some of the cool new features in the latest version of PokeTALK :

Full Customization

Add or remove services to your account, including web callback, stats, sms callback, sharing, and many more to come.

SMS Callback

The latest version further increases the flexibility of calling from anywhere. All you need to do is just send an SMS with the number you want to call and the PokeTALK servers will connect you.

Extension Support

This features is very important for travelers calling from a hotel or an office with an extension. Now you can add your extension so that PokeTALK will call you directly.

Caller ID (Call Block)

Caller Id helps you easily identify the number form where you are receiving the call And more over, if you want your number to be blocked, you can easily do so by turning your caller id on/off as you like.

Share The Experience

PokeTALK has devised a system wherein you will receive 50 extra free calls for each friend that you invite who upgrades to Pro. This is especially useful for those who have lots of friends and love to socialize !!

I think all the new features introduced in this upgrade were not great but instead much needed one’s. Do let us know how you liked these changes and your experience with PokeTALK.


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