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Indian Telecom Operators Procuring Nano Sim Card For iPhone 5

Apple’s new tech baby iPhone 5 will be using, as expected, the recently  approved Nano-SIM standard.The European Telecommunications Standards Institute  (ETSI) introduced the Apple designed Nano-SIM format back in June. It is 40 percent smaller than the current micro-SIM format and measures just  12.3 mm wide by 8.8 mm high, and 0.67 mm thick.

Apart from the size, the new SIM is no way different from the existing SIM cards and it offers the same functionality. The Nano-SIM card is  smaller and approx. 15pc thinner than micro-SIM. Unlike the  micro-SIM cards, which could be made by simply cutting the normal SIM  cards, Nano-SIM cards cannot be made from micro-SIM card becaue of its thickness.

The consumers will have to procure Nano-SIM cards from their respective telecom operators. Telecom operators throughout the world  have already procured Nano-SIM  cards anticipating their high demand because of iPhone 5 launch. There  are millions of Nano-SIM cards already lying in warehouses, ready to be  released in the market. As per reports Indian telecom operators – Airtel, Aircel and Vodafone have also placed the orders for Nano-SIM cards anticipating earlier than expected release of iPhone 5 in India. As per unconfirmed reports, this time Apple might release iPhone 5 around Diwali in India to encash on festival shopping spree of Indians.

It is also expected that other mobile manufacturers will follow Apple and  also start using Nano-SIM cards very soon given the fact that they are smaller and give more space for other components in the phone design. Apple was  also the first manufacturer to use micro-SIM cards same as it is doing  with Nano-SIM cards. Ony fear the manufacturers will have for using Nano-SIM  that Apple may sue them one day for aping their design!

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