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New iPhone To Be Launched Today – Must Dazzle!

Many rumours are surfacing everyday about features of new generation iPhone, which is going to be unveiled today in USA. There is speculation that besides new iPhone, which may be dubbed iPhone 5, four other products would also be announced and these could be new iPods.

Many bloggers, technical experts and trade analysts have speculated about probable new features, which new iPhone will encompass. We have heard so far that new iteration of iphone will sport new slim design, bigger display of 4 inch, new mapping software and compatibility with speedier next generation data networks. Analysts predict the iPhone may be among the biggest consumer-electronics releases in history.

But this time, in order to sell 10 million units or more in one week, as predicted by many analysts, Apple’s new baby must dazzle with design and features as this time the smartphones market scene has changed dramatically since the launch of so many Android devices especially of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III, which has overtaken sales figure of Apple. Besides Samsung, other leading brands like LG with its Optimus and Sony with its Xperia range have made significant progress in mobile arena.

There is no doubt that Apple can still heave a sigh of relief that it has dedicated followers, who would still prefer its handset over any other device. But this technology behemoth can’t also ignore the ground reality that some of the Android devices have the features and popularity to breach its boundaries and this has been proved by Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

Here, CEO of Apple Tim Cook has to prove his innovating and marketing skills to showcase to the technology experts how he can maintain brand equity of its largest selling and revenue generating single device – iPhone. The new iPhone must have something extra and innovating features and should be class apart from the existing iPhone and only then it will be accepted in huge numbers. Everybody wants to see change in look and some wow factors for continuing to invest in high end devices. Apple will have to show technological breakthroughs that can put the new iPhone 5 head and shoulders above the competition.

Hope Apple will not disappoint its prospective buyers and will be unveiling some marvellous device today! Wait till today evening!


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