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Wphone – WordPress on mobile

Before beginning to write about Wphone, i would like you to guess what can this be about ?

Think…………… !

Okay, if you cant think about anything then let me give you a hint, its a wordpress plugin.

Still cant think about anything, fine without further waisting any time, i will start by saying its ‘simplified wordpress on phone’.
This plugin was devised to make mobile blogging easy. By using it, you wont be introducing any material changes to your blog, however it will certainly make your life easy if you blog from mobile !

Moving further, you can download the plugin from the wordpress page and in order to install this plugin you need to follow the simple procedure of uploading the plugin to the default plugin directory on your server and then activating it from dashboard.
And thats it ! !
No need for any other configuration !
The rest will be handled by the plugin itself.

After installing it, you will notice an option for ‘ Use Mobile Admin Interface ‘ on wordpress login page, as shown below.

While logging on from your phone, checking that box will result in you logging in a wordpress dashboard specially designed for mobile phones.
Wphone on mobile

My Recommendation – I have been using this plugin for some time and have found it really easy to use however as many plugins do, it also has some bugs like, image uploading, etc. But all in all i would recommend you to use it ( If you blog from mobile a lot ).
Do tell me, how you liked the plugin and if you have better option than this one, do discuss !!!


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