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Google Adsense For Mobile Applications

Most of you would have figured out what I mean to say through this post but now let me make it more clear to you all. Google has announced Adsense for mobile applications Beta , a program for those application developers who want to generate revenue from their applications.

The program currently in Beta stage will create direct contact between the advertisers and the consumers and thus in process help the application developers to generate money by displaying text and image ads in their iPhone and Android applications.


Advertisers are always keen to reach their target customers by one way or the other and thus advertising through mobile applications is the latest concept promoted by Google through this Beta program ,in-turn the application developers will get a chance to make quick cash and the consumers will get direct access to products of their choice thus saving their time and energy for looking for the desired products and services.

I must say that with these kinds of Innovative ideas Google has a really long way to go ahead of its competitors.

For the official Google Announcement refer Here.

To apply for the Beta program Application developers can apply Here.

If you already are a part of this beta program, do share your experience experience with us.


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