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Next Wave Of Ultrabook With New 3rd Generation Intel Core Processor Unveiled

The next wave of ultra sleek Ultrabook  systems inspired by Intel were showcased in New Delhi today and are now available for approx Rs. 50,000 depending upon configuration of different OEMs. Powered by 3rd Generation Intel Core processors, made with the world’s most advanced 22nm 3-D tri-gate transistors, these new Ultrabook devices are responsive and more secure to better protect personal information. The new chips also offer increased media and graphics performance, long battery life and more choice in stylish designs.

Just about a month ago, Intel had introduced the quad-core 3rd Generation Intel Core processor family, delivering dramatic visual and performance computing gains for gamers, media enthusiasts and mainstream users alike.

Responsive, Stylish, Protected and Mobile

Ultrabook devices will wake in a flash, meaning the system will transition from deep sleep (S4 mode) to its active state in less than 7 seconds. Additionally, all Ultrabook devices are now required to be “responsive while active” which means that they will load and run users favorite apps quickly.

Connecting at blazing speeds is also now possible with the addition of USB 3.0, Thunderbolt technology or both.Thunderbolt technology is a high-speed  connection that allows incredibly fast transfers. For example, a full-length HD movie can be transferred to an Ultrabook in less than 30 seconds.

Security has become more important to protect users’ data, devices and personal assets. The next wave of Ultrabook systems is equipped with enhanced security features, including Intel Anti-Theft technology that lets people automatically disable the system if it is lost or stolen3. Available in 11 languages and in major markets worldwide, people can activate free, limited-time Intel AT service subscriptions from Absolute Software, McAfee, Norton and Intel on an Ultrabook right out of the box. In India this service is currently being offered by Croma.

Better Performance at Lower Power Levels

Because of Intel’s innovative 22nm tri-gate transistor manufacturing technology the 3rd GIntel Core processors now deliver 22% faster performance on multi-threaded applications compared to 2nd Generation Intel Core processors. For example, experiences when using photo editing software or many games will significantly improve based on the new processors. The new Ultrabooks have up to twice the video processing and 3-D graphics performance of the prior generation, cutting a user’s video processing time in half and making for a smoother, richer visual experience. All Ultrabooks with 3rd Generation Core processors will have built-in visuals with features like Intel Quick Sync Video, Intel Clear Video HD, Intel HD Graphics, Intel InTru 3D, Intel Wireless Display and Intel Insider.

Innovation in the computing space is unprecedented and new experiences are being imagined all the time. In the coming months, several versions of the 3rd Generation Intel Core processors will be powering a range of other devices from standard PCs, Ultraboks to servers and intelligent systems in retail, healthcare and other industries thereby truly ushering in a new era in computing.


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