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LG Optimus SOL E730 – Software, Driving Force Behind UI [Review – Part 3]

We discussed about the overall look and feel of LG Optimus SOL E730, the functionality it is capable of performing. Although, LG Optimus SOL E730 runs on Android platform however like all the other OEM’s it has customized the UI in it’s own unique way. Since, this UI is the one that end user experience’s, I believe it is necessary to throw some light on how well the UI is, there software update interval’s, et al.

With LG’s repo in industry about the delivery of software updates and the efforts they put into designing User Interface, I didn’t really have much of expectations from them. From the first look:

  • The degraded frame per second rate (can’t be the gorilla glass) caused the boot up screen to look ugly with glimmering start up animation.
  • Despite of the fact that the phone runs Gingerbread, the notification bar had big icons dating back to probably Android 2.1, which again aren’t very appealing.
  • The swipe up to unlock screen is nice addition with kinetic bounce which you’ll deliberately want to fail to see the ‘bouncing’ effect! Certainly different from other OEM’s, especially Samsung.
  • The overlay effects are poorly coded. If you scroll more than permissible limit the overlay highlight actually goes on to occupy half of the screen! Bad.

The positive view point is that all this is software. Meaning, it’s upto LG’s coder’s, designer’s to iron out the issues and come up with patches or in this case updates to mend what’s ugly. Unfortunately, when plethora of devices releasing day in day out, I don’t see them pushing out updates to year old devices like E730. BUT, it can be take care of.

One good thing I noticed was the preinstalled applications. There wasn’t much of bloat that came with it. Moreover, for some the preinstalled applications like What’s New, Car Home can actually be useful 😉 Thumbs up for not ruining the memory space with unnecessary crapware.

Summing Up

I’ll make this clear. LG Optimus E730 sports good features, hardware and okayish build quality. The software, not android itself, but the customization’s done by LG is a let down. So for a price of approximately Rs. 17,000, I would recommend you to go in for Samsung’s Galaxy series devices. Same range, better performance.

If you are really inclined to buy this device then your best way out is the root the phone as soon as you unpack it, install some custom ROM 🙂

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