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Nexus 5 India Launch Expected To Be On 12th November

Google recently made official the next in nexus lineup, Google Nexus 5 and launched it countries like U.S.A, Canada, etc along-with a very brief mention of India. It was clearly stated that Nexus 5 would be coming soon to Indian markets. Though no tentative date was give.

Google Nexus 5 India

The exciting part of it is that Times of India has managed to gather some information regarding the release, according to which the latest nexus is expected to arrive in India within next couple of weeks i.e roughly around 12th November, 2013. Though I wasn’t able to verify this elsewhere. However going by the fact that previous nexus phone i.e Nexus 4 was launched in India on a similar time schedule, it is safe to assume that the same trend will be followed this time around as well.

Google Nexus 5 White

The other part of this story is seeing Nexus 5 getting out of stock within minutes of official launch in U.S.A, Australia, Germany, Spain, etc, Google would be inclined towards fulfilling the huge demand in these countries and might therefore delay the launch in India.

But then again, these are my speculations, Google would be more than willing (I believe) to reach out to it’s customers as much as people like us are rubbing our hands to get our hands on the device! Your thoughts?



  1. Compared to nexus 4, the specifications have been spruced up. Moreover if you compare it with S 4 or HTC One, Nexus 5 does stand up to them!

    If you are talking about iPhone 5 then it is way too expensive than N5.


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