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Samsung Z9005 – First Tizen OS Running Device Shown In Video

Samsung’s own, in-house Tizen OS has been making rounds for quite some time. There have been numerous speculations of the first device from Samsung running Tizen OS but nothing has been confirmed till date nor has there been any convincing evidence.

Samsung Z9005 Tizen

In a recent hands on video with the first Tizen phone viz. Samsung Z9005 released by Tizen Experts, the device has been demonstrated, more specifically the settings aspect of the device. There isn’t any mention of technical specifications of the phone but seeing how fluid transitions are, it is safe to assume that it will be on lines with all the Galaxy S III’s and S IV’s.

I will not be wasting much of your time blabbering about my views of Tizen OS. Watch the video, it’s about 9 and a half minutes long and decide for yourself! And don’t forget to share your views…!



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