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Nexus 8 Leaked Screenshot – Nexus 7’s Big Brother Coming Soon?

A recently updated section of Google’s android portal showcases couple of images portraying what appears to be the next nexus tablet, Nexus 8. Though there is no confirmed evidence to support this claim and this could very well be a botched up work of multimedia however we very well know Google is too good for that and that Nexus 5 saw a similar “unintentional” leak in a video.

Nexus 8 Rear Leaked

The first image doesn’t really say much about the android tablet apart from that fact that it is longer than it’s predecessor and sports a “NEXUS” vertical marking at its back side and “ASUS” patenting at bottom (it appears to be so).

Nexus 8 Leaked

It’s this second image which makes things pretty clear, the rumored Nexus 8 is running Android 4.4 KitKat OS, interpreted from white notification bar icons (see the top of tablet) and that it has very thin bezel possibly carrying a 8″ inch screen.

Apart from these images, another strong indication of in-coming Nexus 8 is the fact that LG-V510 tablet which recently received its Bluetooth Certification could very well be a Nexus 8 instead of a variation of the LG G Pad 8.3.

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