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Nimbuzz Makes International Calling Dirt Cheap

Nimbuzz has made international calling dirt cheap – thanks to its partnership with Spectranet hello. Indian mobile users now have the opportunity to stay connected with their connections across the world without having to worry about the exorbitant international calling rates. Nimbuzz, a leading communication and entertainment platform, has announced its partnership with Spectranet hello ip to make international calling affordable for Nimbuzz users across the country. This move will allow Indian’s to call abroad using the internet at rates as low as 1 paise per second. The service is only applicable for international calling from India. However, you can’t call from overseas to India with this service as Spectranet has legal premission from Govt. of India for this operations and the legal framework of overseas countries do not permit them to generate call from those countries.

(L - R) - Vikas Saxena, CEO Nimbuzz and Udit Mehrotra, CEO, Spectranet launched Spectranet hello ip, India's first low-cost international calling platform, powered by Nimbuzz

Currently, the international calling rates of majority of Indian telecom operators are approximately Rs. 6 for USA, Rs. 10 for Canada and Rs. 14 per second for UK and for making calls through Nimbuzz service via internet, you will have to spend JUST 60 paisa pre second to these three countries. These rates are as low as domestic rates.

However, for calling through this service, you would require internet, and it is very easy procedure to utilise this service of Nimbuzz. Indian internet users can avail Spectranet hello ip by creating an account on Nimbuzz. The platform hosts the Spectranet hello ip dialer where users can make international calls and also buy calling credit. The service is purely a pre-paid offering and users can recharge their accounts through credit card payments. Currently, the calling time can be purchased by credit or debit card, but we were informed at the announcement event that the company will soon launch recharge vouchers also for different denominations, which would be availabe in retail stores across the country.

Spectranet hello ip is only an outbound calling service and will not support domestic calling with India, as Govt. of India does not premit this service within India.

Commenting on being the first player to offer international calling at unbeatable rates, Vikas Saxena, CEO, Nimbuzz, said,“Nimbuzz has always believed in creating an ecosystem that brings the world together. We are extremely confident that our partnership with Spectranet hello ip will allow our Indian users to reach out to their loved ones across the world without cost concerns. The Spectranet hello ip is a unique proposition that allows Nimbuzz users to make international calls at rates almost 450% less than those that are available in the market today.’’

The service can be used across all data networks and Wi-Fi starting today. This launch is timely as festival season is in progress and Indians now have the opportunity to call their loved ones residing abroad wihout watching their watches as the calling price is very cheap.

Excited about its partnership with Nimbuzz, Udit Mehrotra, CEO, Spectranet hello ip said, “We have seen an incredible appetite among the Indians to interact with their personal and professional connections in India and across the world. The worry of having to incur huge costs forced people to curb their natural instincts while calling abroad. Spectranet is thrilled to partner with Nimbuzz to launch hello ip and we are extremely hopeful that this association will give Indians an opportunity to freely communicate with their loved ones across the world.’’


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