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NNG Announces NavFusion Navigation App Which Integrates Android & Apple Smartphones To The Car

Automotive navigation software vendor NNG has announced NavFusion for its automotive OEM and aftermarket partners. The newest feature set of the iGO Navigation software is ready to be customized and integrated with the vehicles of global and local car manufacturers on the Indian market. Since NNG already experiences strong demand for NavFusion in India, the company introduces its new technology locally with its strategic partner, ANS.


NavFusion takes the onboard navigation experience to a new level by merging the advantages of the reliable and deeply integrated in-vehicle navigation and the smartphone’s personal nature, Internet connection, and flexibility. Having several OEM partners lined up to deliver NavFusion into their future cars around the globe, the individual product solutions are currently being customized for the partners’ projects. The first iGO Navigation software with the NavFusion feature set is expected to launch in Q1 2014.

The car’s NavFusion-supported infotainment system is fully functional as the vehicle leaves the production line. By downloading the free NavFusion application from iTunes App Store or Google Play, and then linking the smartphone to the head-unit, all navigation-related content is synchronized in the background. The process makes map and content updates in the head-unit simple and effort free. Contacts, favorites, navigation history, planned routes, and maps are synced between smartphone and head-unit.

The connection between the smartphone and the infotainment system is achieved through future proof, globally standardized protocols such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB cable, thus enabling live and connected services such as online local search, weather, traffic and fuel prices – all available through the main interface of the vehicle.

As the smartphone is automatically updated via the well-known ecosystems of the iTunes Store or Google Play, updating the maps in the car becomes a background operation when the phone connects to the car, which can be accomplished without user interaction.


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